A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Approach


Retrofitting a machine may be an excellent alternative to purchasing a new CNC machine. Suppose your company is working within budget limits where new machinery is not possible. In that case, you may want to consider the option to retrofit your pre-existing equipment to a more reliable and accurate control system.

AMS Automation's basic retrofit package involves pre-inspection of the machine tool structure to justify cost-effectiveness. When a machine meets our retrofit criteria and an order is issued, we replace electrical and control components and all associated components.

It typically includes the following items:

  • New CNC control system
  • Replacement with A.C. servo drives and motors for all axes
  • Replacement of spindle drive unit (if required)
  • Replacement of spindle motor (if required)
  • Replacement of limit switches, wires, and cables
  • Can either utilize pre-existing electrical cabinet or use a new cabinet
  • Replacement of all power tract carriers and tightening of seals
  • Program PMC (ladder) for machine functions to new control tested
  • OEM quality for an overall retrofit project (AMS is considered an OEM by Fanuc)
  • One set of wiring diagrams, ladder program, and instruction manuals
  • One year warranty on new electrical components installed
  • Two-year parts & labor warranty for Fanuc CNC system by Fanuc USA.
AMS Automation, Inc.